Cybersecurity: FBI goes global on threats
By Ben Bain


Jan 12, 2009 - Federal Computer Week

Law enforcement officials continue to face in the age of global interconnectedness and criminal behavior that operates without regard to national borders. Last May, the Justice Department announced charges against 38 people for their alleged involvement in a computer and credit card fraud scheme that spanned the globe. It was a case the FBI could not have solved without close coordination with officials in Romania, because the international crime ring had a significant base in Bucharest. The defendants were charged with crimes related to phishing, tricking people into revealing personal information and passwords that allowed the criminals to defraud them of millions of dollars. Several of the defendants have pleaded guilty. Romanian authorities, coordinating with the FBI, conducted several searches of homes that uncovered crucial evidence necessary to prosecute the defendants, said Mark Filip, Justice’s deputy attorney general. Indeed, the Romanian authorities’ active cooperation with the FBI now serves a model when U.S. law enforcement officials discuss international cooperation on cyber crime. "The Romania prosecution is a good example of our ability to deal with cyber criminal activity cutting across national borders," Filip said…


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Barack Obama's other war on terror
By Philip Sherwell: The Daily Telegraph (London)


13 Jan 2009

The note left next to the severed heads of the eight soldiers and state police chief was chillingly direct. "For each of mine that you kill, I will kill 10 soldiers," it read.

It sounds like the sort of gruesome tactic deployed by Islamic terrorists in Iraq. But this horrific scene occurred last month near the main road from Mexico City to the popular tourist destination of Acapulco on the Pacific coast. The soldiers were kidnapped as they left a nearby military barracks and then decapitated in apparent revenge for an army firefight with a narcotics gang in a nearby town that left three drug smugglers dead. Mexico's rapidly escalating drug wars claimed nearly 6,000 lives last year in a country more commonly associated with sun, sand and ancient ruins than narco-terrorism. Much of the bloodshed is concentrated along the US-Mexican border, where the violence is spilling across the 2,000 miles of shared frontier. Beheaded and mutilated corpses and mass graves turn up on a near-daily basis, often in the heart of cities such as Cuidad Juarez and Tijuana, once-thriving border communities that are now the terrifying fiefdoms of the cartels. In a report last month that sent shock waves through Washington, General Barry McCaffrey, US drug tsar under President Bill Clinton, called for the new Barack Obama administration to focus on the security threat along America's southern border…


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